Jonathon Conant - Singer | Songwriter

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Jonathon Conant is a singer/songwriter who loves telling stories with touching words and rich imagery. His lyrical blend of alt and blues (with just a touch of pop) haunting yet sometimes playful melodies have inspired many to compare his acoustic sound to that of Cat Stevens. Jonathon was raised in a deep tradition of song. His mother, a world class opera singer, and sister, a grammy nominated jazz musician, imbued Jonathon with the skills to alchemize raw, sometimes devastating imagery with beautifully melodic, memorable themes into a listening experience that easily seduces the heart.

Jonathon in the President and Co-founder of Trapeze School New York, a national company that instructs flying trapeze, aerial arts and acrobatics. Jonathon Currently resides on a cliff overlooking Santa Monica bay and the mountains of Malibu. He shares a home with his beautiful wife Christine Van Loo, a seven time national champion acrobat whose current weekly acrobatic performance with live symphonies is a smash success, and their dog Sophie.

Jonathon and Chrissy are traveling as much as they are at home. When they are not on the road, Jonathon is writing and recording and Chrissy is choreographing, mentoring aerialists and giving inspirational speeches, See more on Christine at

When Jonathon is not making music or running his company he enjoys nature, travel,  flying trapeze, trampoline and hand balancing with his wife. Jonathon will be touring major cities to share his music and promote the album. If you wish to contact Jonathon, you can email him at